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100 Pirate Cat Identify Concepts With Meanings for Your Adventurous Cat

Lovely red kitten with pirate image in background.

Ann1bel / Shutterstock.com

We love pirate tales, whether or not they’re actual or fictional tales. Pirates are fierce, robust, and infrequently as much as bother​​—rather a lot like mischievous cats. We’ve gathered 100 pirate cat identify concepts with meanings damaged into 4 totally different classes. You’ll discover an incredible pirate-themed identify for any cat.

Pirate Cat Names for Male Cats

This record consists of fictional pirates, ship phrases, and pirate slang that ought to show you how to discover the best identify in your boy cat very quickly.

  • Pirate – Beginning with the fundamentals.
  • Captain – The one who runs a pirate ship.
  • Cap’n – An abbreviated type of Captain.
  • Hook – After Captain Hook from Peter Pan.
  • Bastian – This Greek identify means “revered.”
  • Blackbeard – An English pirate from the 1700s.
  • Kittybeard – A cute play on Blackbeard.
  • Roger – After the Jolly Roger, Captain Hook’s ship in Peter Pan.
  • Smee – Captain Hook’s first mate.
  • Killian – The identify of Captain Hook within the TV sequence As soon as Upon a Time.
  • Peg – As in “peg leg.”
  • Sailor – A crew member who works on a ship or ship.
  • Booty – A pirate’s identify for treasure.
  • Matey – A pirate’s phrase for “pal.”
  • Loot – One other phrase which means treasure.
  • Scar – A tricky identify in your cat.
  • Legend – Pirates are legendary.
  • Skully – A cranium and crossbones is featured on many pirate flags.
  • Redd – An untrustworthy fox that sells faux art work from a ship within the recreation Animal Crossing.
  • Scrappy – Pirates get into loads of fights.
  • Gunner – One other robust, pirate-like identify.
  • Scallywag – That is pirate communicate for “rascal.”
  • Timber – From the expression, “Shiver me timbers!”
  • Tintin – From The Adventures of Tintin.
  • Haddock – After Captain Haddock in The Adventures of Tintin.
  • Castaway – Somebody who will get thrown overboard off a pirate ship.
  • Compass – Pirates use compasses to level them in the best path, since there aren’t many landmarks at sea.
  • Crew – The employees on a pirate ship.
  • Cruiser – A quick-moving warship.
  • Journey – A pirate’s journey is commonly extra essential than their vacation spot.
  • Port – A harbor the place ships cease in order that the crew can return to land.
  • Ahoy – A greeting or option to get somebody’s consideration.
  • Ballast – A heavy materials positioned on the backside of a ship to supply stability.
  • Coin – Pirates love discovering cash.
  • Hatch – A gap or door within the deck of a ship.
  • Blimey – An exclamation pirates use after they’re shocked or upset.
  • Doubloon – An previous type of foreign money; a gold coin.
  • Flint – After Captain Flint from the TV sequence Black Sails.
  • Sparrow – After Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Rowdy – Pirates are fairly noisy and boisterous.
  • Ace – This identify means “first” and might discuss with a pacesetter.
  • Buccaneer – One other time period for a pirate.
  • Davy Jones – From Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Grog – Rum blended with water and typically lemon or lime juice.
  • Lengthy John Silver – A fictional pirate from Treasure Island.

Pirate Cat Names for Feminine Cats

A gray and white cat sits on a deck near the water.

Vyaseleva Elena / Shutterstock.com

These names are good in your feminine robust warriors, your fierce fighters, and your lady cats which might be precious like treasured gem stones.

  • Jolly – After the Jolly Roger pirate ship from the Peter Pan books and films.
  • Wendy – The lady who flies with Peter Pan.
  • Darling – Wendy’s final identify in Peter Pan.
  • Jewels – A part of a pirate’s loot.
  • Patches – As in pirates’ notorious eye patches.
  • Lassie – Pirate (and Scottish) slang for “lady.”
  • Treasure – Pirates are all the time looking for buried treasure.
  • Pearl – A precious object discovered inside a clam or in a pirate’s treasure chest.
  • Goldy – What pirate doesn’t need gold?
  • Cutlass – A brief, curved sword.
  • Shanty – A music sung by pirates.
  • Brandy – Distilled wine generally drunk by pirates.
  • Ailith – A reputation which means “seasoned warrior.”
  • Arcelia – This Spanish identify means “treasure chest.”
  • Cima –  A Hebrew identify which means “treasure.”
  • Diamond – Pirates love precious gems like diamonds.
  • Fortuna – Pirates search fortune.
  • Legacy – Some pirates additionally look to depart their legacy on the world.
  • Marina – This identify means “from the ocean.”
  • Mirit – A Hebrew identify which means “of the ocean.”
  • North – Pirates can comply with the North Star to get residence.
  • Pasha – A Greek identify which means “of the ocean.”
  • Portia – A play on the phrase “port.”
  • Ruby – One other treasured gem.
  • Rue – One other phrase for “remorse.”
  • Scout – An explorer.
  • Siren – A mermaid that lures males into the ocean together with her voice.
  • Stormy – Pirate ships climate many storms.
  • Cordelia – A personality from Pirates of the Caribbean.
  • Thriller – Pirates love fixing thriller, particularly if it entails treasure.

Ocean-Impressed Pirate Cat Names

A brown tabby cat stands on a sailboat.

everydoghasastory / Shutterstock.com

Subsequent, let’s go over some ocean-inspired names in your swashbuckling cat! These are the names of gods and goddesses, sea creatures, and extra.

  • Harbor – The place pirates dock their ships.
  • Atlantis – A fictional island stated to have sunk beneath the ocean.
  • Brizo – The Greek goddess of sailors.
  • Ceto – The Greek goddess of sea monsters.
  • Buoy – A tool that marks a spot within the water so ships can keep away from hazards.
  • Lagoon – A shallow physique of water separated by a bigger physique of water by land or reefs.
  • Neptune – The god of the seas.
  • Tide – The rise and fall of the waves.
  • Urchin – Spikey invertebrates that reside within the ocean.
  • Pier – A wood platform constructed on the water that boats are sometimes tied to.
  • Barnacle – A tiny, shelled sea creature.
  • Hurricane – Pirates typically go up towards fierce storms.
  • Kraken – A sea monster.
  • Poseidon – The god of the seas in Greek mythology.

Well-known Pirate Names for Cats

A white cat sits at the front of a boat.

Gorloff-KV / Shutterstock.com

Lastly, listed here are some names of well-known pirates from actual life to offer you inspiration. Attempt utilizing the entire identify, the primary, the final, or any nicknames that spring to thoughts as you learn.

  • Sir Frances Drake – A privateer who sailed around the globe within the 1500s.
  • Samuel Axe – An English privateer who labored for the Dutch within the seventeenth century.
  • Peter Love – A pirate from the late 1500s to early 1600s who was betrayed after making an settlement with one other outlaw.
  • John Crabbe – Crabbe was a pirate for over 30 years, all the way in which again within the 1300s.
  • Sir James Lancaster – An English privateer and tradesman.
  • William Parker – A 1600s privateer who attacked Honduras and Mexico.
  • Calico Jack – A pirate from the 1700s who employed girls as crew members, together with Anne Bonny.
  • Anne Bonny – An Irish pirate who had relations with Calico Jack and was one among few feminine pirates.
  • Grace O’Malley – An Irish pirate from the 1500s who started her profession at solely 11 years previous.
  • Woman Killigrew – Also referred to as Mary Wolverston, this girl was accused of piracy within the 1500s however could have solely sought items stolen by others.
  • Bartholomew Roberts – An English pirate from the late 1600s.

Pirate cat names are so enjoyable and filled with character. We hope you’ve been capable of finding the proper identify in your little scoundrel on this record!

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