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50 Years In the past: How Museums Saved The Peregrine Falcon

Peregrine “Stammy” in Youngstown Ohio, 2008 (photograph by Chad+Chris Saladin)

30 Could 2024

Fifteen days from now we’ll rejoice 52 years because the first huge step was taken to avoid wasting peregrine falcons from extinction within the U.S. Scientists had revealed research displaying that DDT was thinning raptor eggshells and inflicting all nests to fail. At that time there have been no juvenile peregrines east of the Rockies to hold on the species. Fortunately, on 14 June 1972 DDT was banned within the U.S.

Morela’s shadow and her 4 eggs in 2021 (photograph from the Nationwide Aviary falconcam at Univ of Pittsburgh)

The place was the proof that peregrine eggshells had thinned? In museum collections.

Learn a little bit of historical past and see …

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