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75 Names With Meanings for Cats With White Paws

Two little striped playful kittens with white paws

Natali Kuzina / Shutterstock.com

White paws are distinct feline markings that many individuals like to rejoice when naming their new pet. I’ve chosen 75 particular names for cats with white paws, from sneaker names to character names. I hope you discover a pretty title on this checklist in your new kitten or cat with white paws.

Names That Reference Your Cat’s White Paws

These names straight draw consideration to your cat’s stunning white paws. I’ve included loads of clothes names, together with common shoe manufacturers.

  • Socks – A traditional—these cats appear like they’re sporting socks on their paws.
  • Mittens – Or a pair of white mittens.
  • Boots – One other common title for cats with white paws.
  • Booties – A cute variation of Boots.
  • Kicks – Slang for sneakers.
  • Glover – Like they’re sporting little gloves.
  • Stockings – For cats with a whole lot of white on their legs.
  • Cardini – A magician who wore white gloves.
  • Magic – To reference magicians, who typically put on gloves.
  • Puma – A model of sneakers.
  • Snowshoe – Like they’re sporting sneakers fabricated from snow.
  • Spats – Classic sneakers.
  • Beans – As in “toe beans,” this title factors towards your cat’s toes in a much less apparent method.
  • Toes – Excellent for cats with solely a little bit of white on their toes.
  • Dipper – Like they’ve been dipped in white paint.
  • Pretzel – Pretzels are typically dipped in white chocolate.
  • Frostbite – Excellent for winter-loving households.
  • Butler – Butlers typically put on white gloves.
  • Nike – A shoe model that’s most famously recognized for its sneakers.
  • Vans – An organization that makes skateboarding sneakers.
  • Gucci – A luxurious trend model that makes sneakers.
  • Creps – U.Okay. slang for sneakers.
  • Physician – Medical doctors typically put on gloves when seeing sufferers.
  • Maestro – One other career that dons white gloves.
  • Tootsy – This title means “toes.”
  • Paws – A quite simple title that claims, “Have a look at my cat’s cute paws!”
  • Sneaks – Quick for sneakers.
  • Cotton Paws – To explain their toes.
  • Mozzarella – Like a sprinkle of mozzarella cheese.
  • Biscuit – Cats “make biscuits” with their paws.

Character Names for Cats With White Paws

A tuxedo cat with white paws sits on a blue couch.

Casey Elise Christopher / Shutterstock.com

These names are a bit extra refined however nonetheless straight reference your cat’s paws by naming them after characters with white paws or gloves.

  • Knuckles – From Sonic the Hedgehog video video games.
  • Lola – Many characters from The Looney Tunes put on white gloves, together with Lola the rabbit.
  • Ella – As in Cinderella—as a result of princesses put on white gloves too.
  • Marvin – After Marvin the Martian from The Looney Tunes.
  • Mickey – The well-known Mickey Mouse wears white gloves as effectively.
  • Minnie – After all Minnie Mouse does too.
  • Mario – Mario from the Nintendo video games completes his look with a pair of white gloves.
  • Figaro – That is the title of the cat from Pinocchio, who’s black with white paws.
  • Jeeves – A well-liked butler’s title in media.
  • Gadget – After Inspector Gadget and his white gloves.
  • Goofy – After Goofy the canine from Mickey Mouse & Buddies.
  • Elsa – Elsa’s white gloves assist her to hide her magical powers within the movie Frozen.
  • Tom – The grey cat with white paws from the cartoon Tom and Jerry.
  • Bugs – Lastly, Bugs Bunny is one other The Looney Tunes character with gloves.

Names for Black Cats With White Paws

These names are good for tuxedo cats with white paws:

  • Tuxie – Alludes to different markings your cat may need, moderately than their toes.
  • Bowtie – As within the bowtie on a tux.
  • Bowie – A candy various or nickname for Bowtie.
  • Penguin – Penguins have very related coloring to tuxedo cats.
  • Emperor – A sort of penguin.
  • Checkers – To go with their black and white coloring.
  • Domino – For a black and white cat that likes to knock issues over.
  • Orca – Orca whales are white and black.
  • Panda – One other animal title that sticks to the colour scheme.
  • Puffin – Black and white birds.

Names for Orange Cats With White Paws

An orange cat with white toes and chest sits against a clear background.

oksana2010 / Shutterstock.com

Does your orange kitten have white paws? These names reference their orange coloring with some that allude to the paws as effectively.

  • Latte – Lattes are a brown-orange coloration with white foam on the floor.
  • Tails – Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog is orange with white gloves.
  • Hobbes – A tiger with white paws from the comedian Calvin and Hobbes.
  • Tiger – After their orange coat.
  • Creamsicle – On your candy deal with of a cat.
  • Butterscotch – Orange candies.
  • Marmalade – An orange jam created from citrus fruits.
  • Marigold – Stunning flowers that are available in orange and yellow.
  • Curry – An Asian dish that’s typically orange in coloration.
  • Peaches – One of many cutest meals names for cats!
  • Lily – This is without doubt one of the hottest cat names, for good cause.
  • Autumn – The autumn season is stuffed with the colour orange!
  • Topaz – A gemstone that’s related to bringing wealth.
  • Honey – A candy golden meals made by bees.

Names for Calico Cats With White Paws

Lastly, listed below are some lovely names for calico cats who occur to have white paws. Do you know calicos are nearly at all times feminine? We solely have gender-neutral or girl-cat names on this checklist.

  • Patches – For his or her patches of different-colored fur.
  • Dotty – This female title additionally factors to the various colours in your calico’s coat.
  • Marble – A swirl of various colours.
  • Spot – After their many spots.
  • Splash – Some calicos seem to have splashes of coloration on their fur, like somebody threw paint at a canvas.
  • Dapple – For his or her dappled coloring.
  • Penny – Calicos are typically often known as “cash cats” who deliver good luck.

Which title will you give your white-pawed cat? Whether or not you’re in search of male cat names or feminine names, I hope you’ve discovered an lovely title in your new cat.

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