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Kitten diarrhea: Regular upset or signal of great bother?

Visitor weblog by Dr Emmanuel Fontaine, Scientific Communications Veterinarian at Royal Canin North America 

Kitten diarrhea manifests as unusually frequent and watery bowel actions, a transparent signal that their digestive system is out of stability. And also you would possibly assume the fundamentals of diarrhea, however don’t be fooled – it’s a posh situation with many faces. 

And to really grasp its severity, it is advisable zero in on 4 essential indicators: stool consistency, coloration, scent, and any accompanying signs.  

These are your keys to unlocking the thriller of your kitten’s well being woes. Keep in mind, these indicators function your preliminary safeguard. Inspecting them is crucial for assessing the severity of your kitten’s state and figuring out the mandatory actions to guard their well-being.  

Navigating stool consistency: Your information to fecal chart evaluation 

Certainly, we veterinarians have a keenness for charts, and for good cause—they’re extremely sensible, notably in the case of kitten diarrhea. 

In my expertise, many consumers have mistakenly believed their kittens had been affected by diarrhea, when actually, their situation was regular.  

They had been merely unaware of the important thing indicators to observe for.  

Such misunderstandings and the ensuing fear may have been effortlessly averted with the help of fecal charts. 

Sensible tip: once you lookup these charts on-line, you’ll discover a plethora of them, every using its personal scoring system.  

For instance, a rating of seven would possibly signify watery diarrhea on one chart, whereas on one other, it’s indicated by a rating of 1.  

Regardless of these variations, all of them goal to steer you to a constant understanding of stool consistency. Due to this fact, earlier than you speak about a fecal rating together with your vet, be certain to make clear which chart you’re referencing! 

I strongly advise all new kitten dad and mom to maintain a fecal chart inside straightforward attain.  

Think about printing a chart and displaying it prominently, so that everybody concerned within the kittens’ care is on the identical web page about what constitutes regular versus irregular stool. 

In spite of everything, in these conditions, being knowledgeable is really empowering! 

Hue information: Understanding stool coloration variations in diarrhea 

The hue of your kitten’s stool is way over a minor element—it’s a significant glimpse into their well being – and I’m fully severe about this. 

The shade of diarrhea can considerably reveal the gravity of a kitten’s well being problem.  

A wholesome kitten’s stool sometimes boasts a wealthy brown tone, indicative of a well-functioning digestive system.  

But, within the realm of cat well being, stool colours span a variety, every narrating a novel facet of their situation. 

For kittens, there are three particular stool colours that demand consideration, as they might point out numerous well being issues.  

The next desk gives a breakdown of those colours, their potential meanings, and advisable actions if noticed along with diarrhea. 

Shade  What it Means  What To Do 
Black  Very darkish, nearly tar-like black stools is indicative of digested blood within the gastrointestinal tract.  


This coloration change is a results of inside bleeding, the place the blood has had time to be partially digested, giving the stool its distinctive darkish look. 

This symptom is a severe warning signal and requires quick veterinary consideration.

That is one thing typically noticed in circumstances of feline panleukopenia. 


Purple  Purple within the stools signifies the presence of blood, signaling an harm of some type inside the digestive tract  Anytime you observe a excessive amount of blood within the stools (nearly liquid, fairly often related to a foul scent), particularly within the case of extreme diarrhea, that is an emergency. Seek the advice of together with your veterinarian as shortly as attainable right here.  

One exception: when the blood seems as streaks or spots of brilliant crimson inside the stool. This recent, undigested blood suggests irritation or irritation within the decrease a part of the gastrointestinal tract, such because the colon or rectum. The presence of blood on this type is a transparent indicator of the irritation brought on by the coccidia parasites within the intestinal lining. Whereas consulting your veterinarian is essential on this state of affairs, it doesn’t sometimes necessitate an emergency go to, except, after all, there are different regarding signs accompanying it. 


Yellow  Stools starting from mild inexperienced to mustard yellow sometimes point out the presence of undigested fats.  


This coloration is often seen in circumstances of Giardia an infection, though different parasites may also trigger this symptom. The distinct yellow hue serves as a transparent sign to research additional for potential parasitic infections. 

Session with a veterinarian can also be required right here.  

TABLE Stool Shade Significance: Decoding Meanings in Instances of Kitten Diarrhea 

Scent alerts: Investigating uncommon stool odors in kittens 

The odor emanating out of your kitten’s stools presents perception into their well being standing.  

Usually, the scent of a kitten’s stool is refined and never notably offensive, aligning with what’s anticipated from a wholesome animal. 

But, if the stool’s odor turns intensely sharp, acrid, or unpleasant, it could sign underlying points.  

Such out-of-the-ordinary smells can level to varied issues, starting from dietary missteps to infections or digestive disturbances. 

Must you detect a constantly sturdy and offensive odor out of your kitten’s stools, it’s greater than an inconvenience—it’s an indicator {that a} veterinary check-up is critical.  

A very foul scent from a kitten’s stool can point out necrosis, or tissue loss of life, inside the digestive tract, signaling extreme harm or illness.  

This alarming symptom underscores the urgency of in search of quick veterinary care to deal with the possibly grave situation. 

Greater than diarrhea: Key warning indicators in kittens 

Diarrhea in kittens warrants shut statement for different scientific indicators that may sign a deeper well being concern. 

Signs equivalent to decreased vitality, urge for food loss, vomiting, dehydration, and diminished curiosity in play or regular actions are alarming, notably after they accompany diarrhea.  

These signs could possibly be the telltale indicators of great well being points needing immediate veterinary care. 

A drop in vitality or urge for food may level to a broader sickness, and dehydration in kittens can escalate to a essential state quickly. Vomiting, together with diarrhea, heightens the chance of dehydration and suggests important digestive misery. 

Immediate motion upon noticing these indicators in your kitten is essential. 

Utilizing progress charts for efficient kitten care 

Right here’s a useful tip that would considerably influence your method to kitten healthcare: leveraging pediatric progress charts of their early levels.  

These charts are greater than mere measures of bodily measurement; they’re essential for recognizing developmental issues. Notably in cases of diarrhea, they’ll provide substantial insights. 

A noticeable weight drop in a kitten, marked by a descent throughout two centile strains on their progress chart, raises main alarms.  

Such a shift is just not merely a deviation from anticipated progress trajectories however a stark indication of a probably extreme well being problem. 

Observing such a progress alert is a definitive cue that your kitten wants quick veterinary consideration.  

Within the formative levels of a kitten’s progress, these charts are VERY useful; they’re true recreation changers for my part. They supply essential knowledge that may information well timed and knowledgeable choices about your kitten’s well being care wants for positive!  


EmmanuelEmmanuelFontainegraduated from the Toulouse Veterinary College in 2004, he continued his research on the Alfort Veterinary College (Paris) as a trainee Vet within the home carnivore unit of the Replica Division. From 2005 to 2011, he labored on the Centre d’Étude en Replica des Carnivores (CERCA) [Research Centre for Reproduction in Carnivores], a unit specializing in pet breeding help. Emmanuel Fontaine can also be certified on the European School for Animal Replica (ECAR) and accomplished his PhD in 2012 on the usage of GnRH agonists in canines. From September 2011 to September 2018, he labored as Technical Companies Veterinarian for the PRO workforce at Royal Canin Canada. He then was in command of Scientific Communication for the Americas till August 2022. He now works as a Senior Scientific Communications Veterinarian for Royal Canin North America.   


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