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Say Goodbye to Ventilator Configuration Hassles with insPurr’s Automated Precision


Overview of Preset Parameters

Most Strain
The machine maintains a constant most stress setting of 10 cmH2O, no matter the affected person’s weight. This standardized most stress supplies a uniform and reliable threshold for respiratory help, providing simplicity and ease of use for veterinary professionals.

Tidal Quantity
Quantity settings are decided utilizing a simple and clinically related method: quantity (mL) = weight (kg) * 10 (mL/kg). By contemplating the affected person’s weight as a vital issue, this method ensures that the set quantity aligns completely with the affected person’s particular person wants. Simplifying the calibration course of, it additionally ensures precision in delivering tailor-made respiratory help.

Respiratory Charge
The ventilator enhances person comfort by displaying default respiratory price values based mostly on the affected person’s weight. For sufferers weighing below 10 kg (22 lb), the default price is about at 12 breaths per minute (bpm). Within the weight vary of 10 kg (22 lb) to 30 kg (66 lb), the default price is 10 bpm, whereas for sufferers exceeding 30 kg (66 lb), the default price is about to eight bpm.

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