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How To Get My Canine to Cease Digging

Hello Cesar,

My boyfriend and I’ve three canines. Two are Rottweilers (three years previous and one-year-old), and one is a Labrador retriever (9 months previous). Our canines like to dig, and now our yard is in shambles. We tried burying their poop within the holes so they might not dig anymore, however that didn’t cease them.

We’re shifting to a brand new home and wish to break them of that behavior. Is there one thing else we are able to do to cease the digging?

Please assist!
Cindy Kozma

Cesar Millan’s Reply:

Hello Cindy,

We all know that digging could be dangerous to individuals’s environments, however, on the similar time, digging for some canines is an exercise that retains them balanced. Digging is a type of train and distraction; for a canine, it may be merely a matter of being bored and having nothing else to do. It’s particularly frequent if it’s of their breed to be diggers; when it’s a part of their nature, they’ll typically drain a few of that further vitality by doing one thing they’re instinctually accustomed to.

Human mother and father will deliver their youngsters to the playground and allow them to play within the sandbox as a result of digging is a part of our nature as properly. At the moment, we don’t use that capacity typically, however we nonetheless crave it deep in our genes. So now we have a particular place we enable youngsters to dig. That may be one choice for you – to make a spot in your yard the place your canines can dig. If that’s nonetheless unacceptable to you, you should discover a method to drain the vitality they launch by digging.

Train is at all times the easiest way to empty any canine’s pent-up vitality. Working together with your canine, swimming together with your canine, mountaineering together with your canine – there are various choices.

So my query to you’ll be: are you aware the vitality ranges of your canines, and are you difficult them sufficient bodily in order that they don’t really feel the necessity to dig, bark, leap, or chew?

Are they exercising, and for the way lengthy? If it isn’t lengthy sufficient, I like to recommend intensifying that train. In the event you don’t have sufficient time, I like to recommend placing backpacks on them, which can assist flip half-hour of train into an hour.

Keep calm and assertive,
Cesar Millan

Why Do Canine Dig?

Canine are recognized to be diggers, and understanding why they dig is important for his or her well-being and peace of thoughts. Canine might dig for numerous causes, equivalent to boredom, anxiousness, intuition, and even to cover their possessions. They could additionally dig to control their physique temperature or escape an enclosure. Understanding why your canine is digging will assist you tackle the basis trigger and discover a resolution that satisfies you and your furry good friend. With correct coaching, train, and psychological stimulation, you possibly can redirect your canine’s digging habits and stop harm to your yard or property.

It’s believed that the digging habits is rooted of their ancestral traits. Within the wild, canines dig dens to guard themselves from predators and preserve heat through the colder months. Digging was a habits used to chase their prey. Though canines immediately are domesticated, this intuition to dig stays sturdy.

Making an attempt to Escape

Another excuse canines would possibly dig is in order that they will roam, or discover a mate. Male canines might dig to attempt to discover a feminine in warmth. Your furry good friend may be in search of freedom from the confinement of your yard. Spaying or neutering your pet is the easiest way to make sure they’ve much less of a want to roam removed from dwelling.


Canine will dig within the floor to get to the animal that lives there. Rodents and moles may dwell in your yard, and furry pals might solely cease digging as soon as they discover one.
Listed here are some indicators that your pet is digging to seek out prey:

  • The digging is in a single spot, not everywhere in the yard.
  • The digging is in a concentrated path.
  • They stick their nostril within the floor.
  • They get excited after they attempt to retrieve one thing from their dug gap.

In case your canine is in search of a rodent in your yard, you will discover secure options to take away them utilizing repellants and humane traps. Please chorus from utilizing toxic merchandise to discourage rodents, as they will hurt your canine.

Safety and Consolation

Some canines aren’t searching for an escape. They might be anxious about being alone. If it’s a sizzling summer season day, generally canines dig holes to get to the cooler soil. The holes may act like a protect on a chilly, moist, or windy day. You possibly can inform your canine is searching for safety in the event that they do certainly one of these:

  • Lies within the holes.
  • The canine doesn’t have enough safety from the weather.
  • The canine shelter is just too sizzling or chilly.
  • The holes are close to bushes, water sources, or buildings.


Canine are recognized for his or her playful and curious nature, and digging is among the many actions they take pleasure in. Digging gives them leisure and psychological stimulation, particularly when they’re left alone for prolonged intervals. Listed here are some methods you possibly can inform your pup is digging as a type of leisure.

  • Digging to launch extra vitality.
  • Not sufficient toys to entertain themselves.
  • They’re left alone for too lengthy and are bored.
  • Eager to play.
This dog dug two large holes in the backyard of his owner’s house exposing water lines. Understand why your furry friend is digging and train them to stop.

How you can Prepare Your Canine to Cease Digging

Digging is a pure habits for canines. Nevertheless, breaking the behavior could be irritating and prolonged for pet house owners, not to mention the destruction the habits causes. Coaching your pup to cease digging requires endurance, constructive reinforcement, and consistency.

Optimistic Reinforcement

Utilizing constructive reinforcement is a strong coaching useful resource in your toolbox. Moderately than disciplining the adverse habits of digging, you’ll supply rewards and reward when your pup does the habits you want. For instance, in case your canine goes into the yard to do his enterprise and play a bit with out digging, supply loads of reward and a deal with for not digging.

Redirect the Habits

Moderately than punishing your pet when she or he digs within the yard, give your canine a spot to dig freely. Sandboxes are a terrific choice; you possibly can disguise toys and rubber bones within the sand. Discovering the treasures will give immediate gratification, and your pet will discover that location extra rewarding than different spots within the yard. A delegated digging spot permits you to redirect your canine ought to it begin digging in different areas of the yard.

Supply Train

One method to do away with further vitality is to train your canine. Go for at the least one stroll a day. In the event you discover your furry good friend nonetheless has a lot vitality, add one other stroll.

Loads of Playtime

Canine like to play, and enjoying together with your pup additionally permits you to bond with them. Use frisbees, balls, or different toys to make playtime extra participating.

Skilled Coaching

In the event you’ve exhausted your choices and have tried a number of methods to get your canine to cease digging, contemplate getting an expert canine coach that can assist you. It could take a number of periods to cease this unhealthy behavior.

Sensible Ideas for Stopping Fence Digging

In the event you run into points with the above recommendation, right here are some things you are able to do to try to cease your pet from digging up your yard.

  • Put massive rocks which are partially buried below the fence line.
  • Bury the underside of your fence one or two toes beneath the soil.
  • Reward your canine for good habits to attenuate escape makes an attempt.
  • Bury rooster wire on the backside line of your fence. Roll the sharp edges to face away out of your yard as you do that.

In the event you enable your canine to dig holes all through your yard and backyard, you should have a tough time preserving the landscaping look good. Digging is one thing you possibly can practice your canine to do in an authorized space of the yard to stop harm to your property.

What are among the most shocking finds your canine has dug out of the yard?

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