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Shark Names for Your Toothy Pup

Whether or not you’re questioning that new pet of yours is an element shark, you’re loopy about shark films otherwise you simply love Shark Week, you is perhaps contemplating shark names on your new toothy pup!

Canine Names Impressed by Sharks

  • Apex
  • Bubbles
  • Dogfish (over 100 species of sharks are a part of this household)
  • Dorsal
  • Fin
  • Finny
  • Frenzy
  • Hammerhead
  • Hunter
  • Jaws (the preferred shark identify for canines!)
  • Mako
  • Reef
  • Selachii (order to which sharks belong)
  • Shark
  • Shredder
  • Stealthy
  • Tiger
  • Toothy

Names of Well-known Sharks

Anchor – A hammerhead shark in Discovering Nemo.

Child Shark – This viral youngsters’s track features a dance and hand motions not just for Child Shark but additionally different members of the family: Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark and Grandpa Shark.

Brooklyn – The identify of Child Shark.

Bruce – The mechanical nice white shark used within the film Jaws and an animated nice white shark in Discovering Nemo.

Chum – A Disney film character in Discovering Nemo, a mako shark and member of the “Fish are Mates, Not Meals” assist group.

Deep Blue – A large feminine nice white shark that gained fame for being one of many largest sharks ever filmed. She was first documented in 2013 off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico.

Fang – From the sport “Hungry Shark World” (2016), Fang is a shark character that gamers can management and improve as they progress by the sport.

Ghost Shark – The antagonist within the film “Ghost Shark” (2013), a shark that may seem in any physique of water, together with swimming swimming pools. In actual life, there’s a species known as the Ghost Shark (or Chimaera).

Hungry Shark – A personality within the Hungry Shark online game. Gamers management a hungry shark that should swim by numerous underwater environments, devouring smaller fish, marine animals, and even people to develop and survive.

Jabberjaw – The title character of the animated sequence “Jabberjaw” (1976-1978), a speaking nice white shark who leads a rock band in a futuristic underwater world.

Kamohoaliʻi i (or shorten to Kamo) – In Hawaiian mythology, Kamohoalii is a shark god and the older brother of the fireplace goddess Pele. He’s a revered determine and is believed to guard people from hurt within the ocean.

Lenny – A personality from the animated film “Shark Story” (2004), a vegetarian shark who needs to be a dolphin and befriends the primary character, Oscar.

Mano – The fictional megalodon shark from the film “The Meg” (2018), primarily based on the novel by Steve Alten.

Mary Lee – A tagged feminine nice white shark recognized for her lengthy migratory journeys alongside the East Coast of the US. She was tracked by the OCEARCH analysis group and had a big following on social media.

Mr. Snappy – The enormous mutant shark from the film “Mega Shark vs. Large Octopus” (2009), recognized for its over-the-top battles with different large creatures.

Meg – A generally used nickname for the megalodon, an extinct shark species of shark. The time period “megalodon” itself means “massive tooth,” and it grew to become the identify for the film The Meg.

Ramón – A personality from the animated film “Discovering Nemo” (2003), a pleasant nice white shark who’s a part of the “Fish are Mates, Not Meals” assist group.

Crimson Water – The bull shark from the film “Crimson Water” (2003), a thriller set in Louisiana.

Sharky – The protagonist of the French animated sequence “The Sharky and George Present” (also called “Sharky & George” or “Sharky et Georges”), a crime-fighting shark detective.

Sharkjira – A personality within the online game Hungry Shark Evolution, Sharkjira is a shark who can stroll on land (and shoot lasers from his eyes).

Sharkzilla – A large shark from the film “Sharkzilla” (2002), a part of the “Mockbuster” movie style.

Strago – From the sport “Depth” (2014), Strago is among the playable shark characters, every with completely different talents, that gamers can select to regulate within the sport.

Tlaloc – The shark within the Black Demon film. In Aztec artwork, Tlaloc was usually depicted with goggle-like eyes, fangs, and a headdress adorned with water-related symbols.

Shark in Completely different Languages

  • Spanish: Tiburón
  • French: Requin
  • German: Hai
  • Italian: Squalo
  • Portuguese: Tubarão
  • Dutch: Haai
  • Russian: Akula
  • Chinese language (Simplified): Shāyú

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