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Why a Squirt Bottle isn’t a Good Device for Coaching Cats


When coaching, the strategies used should be efficient, however additionally they should be optimistic, type and humane. Correct coaching methods end in a useful end result for each the cat and the cat mother or father by enhancing communication and strengthening the bond. Conversely, aversive coaching strategies can result in worry, confusion, and a breakdown of belief.

One generally used coaching software relating to working with cats, is a squirt bottle full of water. That is usually used to discourage so-called “misbehavior.” On the floor it could seem extra humane and safer in comparison with bodily self-discipline. Truly although, it’s ineffective and counter-productive. Listed below are a number of the reason why I don’t suggest this methodology:

It Doesn’t Train the Cat an Different Habits

When punishment is used, it means the cat’s habits has been labeled as dangerous. Cats don’t misbehave. Behaviors are displayed as a result of they serve a perform. It doesn’t essentially imply the cat mother or father likes the habits, however punishing the cat as an alternative of addressing the underlying want or recognizing the pure habits doesn’t remedy the issue. If the cat has a function for a habits, or it’s carried out as a vital a part of cat life (scratching, for instance), then punishment simply creates a useless finish. There’s no optimistic end result for both the cat or the cat mother or father and each simply finish confused and careworn. The undesirable habits is quickly stopped, however no actual studying has taken place.


Elevated Stress

Since behaviors, even these undesirable by cat dad and mom, are carried out for a cause that is smart to the cat, the sudden assault from the squirt bottle finally ends up being anxious. Cats are very delicate and if stressed, it turns into harder to be open to studying. The sight of the squirt bottle could set off the cat to hunt a hiding place or keep away from the cat mother or father. If the habits was being displayed due to a priority or an issue, it simply compounds the stress. If the cat was leaping on the counter to really feel secure from one other cat’s ambush, then the spray bottle solely heightens anxiousness. If the water was being squirted to cease the cat from scratching the couch, then the necessity to scratch (which is a traditional, useful habits) stays unmet. The squirt bottle failed to show the cat an acceptable different.

Surprising Associations

The sight of the cat mother or father holding the spray bottle could create an undesirable destructive affiliation. The cat could run from the cat mother or father or exhibit worry on the sight of the bottle. In such instances, the one studying that happens is that the cat has now developed a worry and realized to search out an escape. There are some cats who proceed to interact within the undesirable habits, even whereas being sprayed within the face with water. The necessity for the habits outweighs the disagreeable consequence. Speak about anxious! A further aspect impact of that is that belief is undermined so the bond between cat and cat mother or father deteriorates.

Generally, the cat could make a destructive connection between the squirt bottle punishment and the particular space of the house the place the punishment is routinely delivered. For instance, a cat mother or father who sprays the cat for being on the counter could discover the cat turns into reluctant to enter the kitchen in any respect, even to eat out of their very own meals bowl.


Elevated Aggression

Using a squirt bottle to cease aggression between two cats will do nothing to assist them develop a greater affiliation with one another. In actual fact, utilizing the squirt bottle could intensify aggression.

Covert Habits

Cats are clever and may study that sure behaviors can solely be carried out when the cat mother or father is absent. If no different habits has been taught or the cat’s underlying wants haven’t been addressed, the undesirable habits could resume as soon as the cat mother or father leaves for work or retires for the evening.

Right here’s a Higher Coaching Method

As an alternative of counting on punishment and squirt bottles, a simpler coaching strategy entails understanding the aim of the habits and offering higher alternate options. For instance, if the cat jumps on the kitchen counter, establish the motivation behind the habits. It may very well be the odor of meals, a need for a greater view out the window, a necessity for elevated security, or a bid for the cat mother or father’s consideration. As soon as the underlying cause is decided, an acceptable different will be offered. If the habits stems from an issue within the surroundings, corresponding to a cat being ambushed by one other cat, optimistic habits methods ought to be employed to diffuse the scenario. Squirting the cat with water will not be a part of a sound and loving coaching plan.

Cats reply to optimistic coaching nevertheless it’s essential to start out the method by recognizing that each habits serves a function. Cats don’t misbehave out of spite or defiance. Habits is smart to them. Correct coaching strengthens the bond, restores confidence, and reduces stress.

Save the squirt bottle for misting the crops. Concentrate on understanding and addressing the cat’s wants.

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