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Why Does My Canine Odor Like Fritos? (6 Causes + Options)

Why does my canine odor like Fritos? Imagine it or not, you aren’t alone amongst canine house owners, as this example isn’t unusual. So it raises the query of what could possibly be inflicting all these canines to odor like our favourite model of corn chips.

I intend to showcase all of the potential causes and canopy a number of different associated matters. You’ll quickly know all the things about managing and eliminating this disagreeable odor. However first, let’s talk about whether or not this Frito odor ought to make a canine proprietor overly frightened. 

Why Does My Dog Smell Like Fritos

Why Does My Canine Odor Like Fritos?!? Ought to I Be Nervous?

Normally, a Frito odor isn’t something overly regarding. It’s frequent, particularly in hotter climates and seasons all year long. So there’s no cause to panic in case your canine’s ft or every other space begins smelling like corn chips.

Nevertheless, this situation isn’t one to utterly overlook. It’s one thing that house owners ought to monitor as a result of it might probably point out well being points if offered with different signs. Attributable to this, observing and preserving monitor of when the odor presents itself is crucial.

However general, a Frito-like odor out of your canine isn’t a panic-worthy state of affairs. You simply must do your finest to determine what’s inflicting the problem and deal with it appropriately. The next part will enable you to by laying out all of the frequent causes.

6 Causes Why Your Canine Smells Like Fritos

As I discussed earlier, a Frito-smelling canine is rather more frequent than individuals could assume. I even had it happen with each my canines a number of occasions, so I’ve develop into considerably knowledgeable on the topic. I’ve gathered that this uncommon odor usually comes from one in every of these six causes: 

1. Extra Micro organism

The primary offender of Frito-smelling canines is extra micro organism referred to as Proteus and Pseudomonas. In case your canine is affected by this micro organism, the “Frito odor” will come from their ft.

However fortunately, this micro organism isn’t a very regarding trigger. It’s pure for Proteus and Pseudomonas to be current in your canine’s atmosphere and their physique. You gained’t even discover it’s round, besides when the Frito stench presents itself. 

Basically, the Frito odor will develop from this micro organism being in a heat and moist atmosphere. It makes your canine’s ft an ideal breeding floor for Proteus and Pseudomonas to develop and excel.

This growth may even result in overgrowth and a extra pungent odor. It’s what occurred with my Pitbull, whose Frito odor virtually grew to become not possible to not discover. So it’s important to take care of this situation earlier than the odor turns into insufferable like my canine’s did.

Sure canines may also be extra vulnerable to this situation than others. The main candidates are any canine with extra pores and skin folds and heavier coats. For example, it’s a prevalent situation for Pugs (pores and skin folds) and Basset Hounds. 

One other factor to contemplate is that your canine’s ft aren’t the one potential smelly space. Any pores and skin fold can choose up a Frito scent below the suitable circumstances. Subsequently, finding the supply turns into an important a part of managing this situation. 

Bacteria is a common cause of corn chip odors in dogs

2. Sweaty Paws

It might appear a bit bizarre, however sweaty paws are a standard offender for the Frito odor. The merocrine sweat glands on their paws launch sweat to assist calm down. Canine pair this secondary response with their panting to forestall overheating and related points. Panting is their main mechanism of coping with hotter temperatures. 

However again to the Frito odor situation, sweat from their paws’ glands can create moist paw prints. This wetness can then create a somewhat pungent corn chip odor. In essence, it prompts the micro organism I mentioned within the first trigger. 

Throughout this latest warmth wave, each my canines are available from walks with sweaty paws. The Frito odor wasn’t far behind; it’s regular when temperatures attain triple digits. Because of this, this example is manageable and requires little oversight. 

You merely wipe down their paws and watch for the odor to dissipate. Nevertheless, if there are any cuts or different worrisome indicators together with sweaty ft, it might probably point out a extreme situation. 

3. Poor Paw Hygiene

Canine house owners usually overlook paw hygiene. But it surely’s a large mistake as a result of awful paw care can result in varied points, reminiscent of infections and painful cuts. One other consequence is the smelly presence of Frito ft odor. 

So it’s important to examine your canine’s paws commonly. Search for indicators of cuts, scrapes, an infection, and anything out of the bizarre. A superb time for these checks could be after every stroll, permitting you to deal with any situation instantly. 

It’s additionally sensible to wipe down their paws throughout these checks. This straightforward maneuver will do a strong job of stopping Frito ft and every other points. It wouldn’t harm to maintain their nails from changing into overgrown, too: simply don’t reduce the nail fast!

Check your dog's paws regularly to prevent Frito odors.

4. Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are a nasty situation for canines to acquire. It’s uncomfortable and comes with an extended checklist of gross, disagreeable signs. Our good friend, the Frito odor, is one in every of these signs everybody needs to keep away from. 

It’ll usually current itself when a canine’s coping with a yeast an infection between their toes. It is sensible contemplating this space is normally heat/moist in comparison with the remainder of your canine’s physique. So it’s the right breeding floor for any such an infection. 

In case your canine suffers from a yeast an infection, they’ll usually be chewing or licking their paws excessively. It’s their solely protection towards an irritating situation like this one. Different indicators to search for could be redness or swelling. 

5. Weight-reduction plan and Meals-Associated Causes

The final potential trigger is one thing current in your canine’s weight loss plan. Specifically, corn and grain are frequent culprits in producing the Frito odor. It’s one more reason canine house owners must know the substances of their canine’s meals.

Equally, your canine could have eaten one thing outdoors their weight loss plan to trigger the odor. If it doesn’t reoccur and goes away rapidly, it’s probably the trigger behind this smelly thriller. 

6. Anal Gland Points

Your canine’s anal glands are one other potential suspect within the case of “What’s inflicting my canine to odor like corn chips?” These glands can produce a odor much like a bag of Fritos at any time when contaminated or blocked. 

A basic indicator of anal gland points is backside scooting. The underside scooting could also be humorous to see, however usually it’s a warning signal of an issue. So please, don’t assume nothing’s worrying in case your canine’s scooting their backside throughout the bottom. 

Extreme licking/biting of their rear is one other basic indicator. If you happen to see both or a mixture, it’s time to get their anal glands checked out by a vet.


Take a look at the video under for a fast recap of the highest 5 causes. Then, maintain studying as we delve deeper into this thriller.


How you can Deal with the Frito Odor

So that you’ve now bought a deal with on what could possibly be inflicting the problems. The next step is addressing them to cease and forestall this Frito odor from being a problem. These 5 suggestions must be greater than sufficient to make sure you can nip this downside within the bud:

1. Paw Care and Upkeep 

Your first tip is diving deep into paw care and upkeep. In spite of everything, the supply of this Frito odor is commonly your canine’s paws. It’d make full sense to alter the way you method caring for them. 

Begin with rising how a lot you clear and examine their paws. I’d recommend checking them each time that they arrive in from outdoors. You’ll be able to then wipe them down with a fabric to deal with any dust build-ups or different substances.

Because of this, the chance of infections and micro organism build-ups must be rather more restricted. However keep in mind, pay particular consideration to the toes. Micro organism usually thrive most on this space when producing the undesirable Frito odor.

If you happen to’re a extra visible particular person, this video has nice suggestions and tips for paw care. It helped me a bunch when coping with my Pitbull’s cracked paw pads a couple of months in the past. 

2. Common Grooming

Grooming is usually a godsend when stopping any Frito odor or different odors. Truthfully, a constant grooming routine is a crucial piece of preserving a canine wholesome. So if you happen to don’t have one, start to determine one or make the required modifications. 

An space to place further give attention to could be brushing your canine’s coat extra steadily. It’ll assist take away any dust or different problematic build-ups that might develop into a problem. Quick-haired canines don’t want greater than a weekly brushing, whereas long-hair canines want every day. 

3. Give Your Pup a Bathtub with Canine Shampoo 

Bathing your canine is without doubt one of the best methods to take away this pesky Frito odor. However this course of must be executed utilizing a dog-specific shampoo. You’ll be able to’t use a bottle of Dove or Suave shampoo when bathing your canine.

As a substitute, you’ll wish to select a top-rated canine shampoo. Anybody who wants assist selecting one ought to take a look at this article. It’ll stroll you thru this course of to make sure choosing the right shampoo is a breeze. 

As soon as bought, use lukewarm water and the shampoo for a profitable expertise. However don’t make the error of bathing them greater than required. If you happen to do, the harm to your canine’s coat and pores and skin will be vital.

You’ll solely bathe them when it’s utterly obligatory. Some examples embrace once they odor like Fritos or roll in one thing lifeless. In different phrases, the suitable time shall be obvious to anybody in touch with the canine.

4. Change Their Weight-reduction plan 

Altering a canine’s weight loss plan can take away this Frito odor out of your life. However I might seek the advice of together with your vet earlier than happening this path. In spite of everything, some canines don’t take too nicely when their meals is modified even within the slightest approach. 

Your vet may also have the ability to determine triggers for this Frito odor presenting themselves. They even supply changes and plans to make sure your canine will get the very best weight loss plan potential. From there, it solely turns into a matter of following their recommendation!

What is the best hypoallergenic dog food for a yeast infection? Check out our top 5 picks, plus learn why the right food makes a difference!

5. Schedule and Hold Up with Common Vet Verify-ups

The final tip could seem to be frequent sense, however many house owners don’t observe it. They’ll let their canine go years with out seeing a vet, which is how points like a Frito odor occur. So do your self a favor and sustain with common vet check-ups to remain on prime of your canine’s well being. 

Moreover, your vet will rapidly determine any underlying situations for this Frito odor. A typical instance could be anal gland points. On this state of affairs, your vet would carry out an anal gland expression to assist relieve the issue with none bother.

When to Seek the advice of a Vet

Other than scheduling common check-ups, you need to know when scheduling a direct vet go to is critical. These signs presenting with a Frito odor are clear indicators of your canine needing prompt veterinary help:

  • Limping or different foot-related ache: One of many extra worrying indicators could be a canine with a Frito stench limping or expressing ache in its ft. Schedule a vet go to to make sure situations like hip dysplasia or arthritis aren’t issued. 
  • Swelling or redness: Swelling round your canine’s Frito foot may point out allergy symptoms, fleas, or yeast an infection. This redness will usually be centered across the paw pad.
  • Pungent and extreme odor: If the Frito odor continues to worsen and worse, a vet go to turns into obligatory. A typical indicator is the odor changing into overly musty or rotten, positioned explicitly across the footpads. 
  • Hair loss: Any indicators of hair loss, notably patches across the paws, are worrisome. It might recommend underlying situations like fleas, yeast infections, and different gross points. Get your canine to the vet as quickly as potential. 
  • Discharge: Some canines expertise yellow or inexperienced discharges close to their paws when experiencing Frito ft. It’s usually an indication of one thing else happening other than merely smelling like corn chips.
  • Cracked or damaged toenails: A Frito foot with a cracked or damaged toenail is a nasty, unhealthy signal. It may open your canine to a extreme an infection, particularly if the short is broken. You’ll wish to get forward of this example and see your vet. Plus, they’ll confidently trim away the harm somewhat than you doing it whereas panicking. 


The reply to “Why does my canine odor like Fritos” is normally extra micro organism or sweaty paws. In these instances, it’s an everyday incidence that’s manageable. You deal with it by finding the odor’s supply and cleansing it correctly. 

However this situation can develop into severely formidable when different signs begin popping up: a cracked toenail, irritation, swelling, or noticeable indicators of ache. If this occurs, a vet go to isn’t solely advised; it turns into obligatory. 

You probably have any extra questions, be happy to make use of our remark part. I’d like to proceed the dialog and make sure you’re comfy together with your Frito-smelling canine. Thanks for studying!

Does your canine odor like Fritos? Have been you capable of finding the trigger? Share your experiences under!


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